About the centre

The Czech Republic Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare – an affiliated centre of the JBI in Olomouc was approved by JBI at the University of Adelaide in December 2013.

In 2016, the Czech Republic (Middle European) Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare strengthened its position in the international JBI Collaboration, and based on the successfully managed monitoring period, it has been promoted to the "centre of excellence" category.

  • What is our aim?
    • We focus on the creation of systematic reviews (SR) – using exclusively exact scientific methods for identification, selection and appraisal of results from primary research in a very particular area.
    • In cooperation with our foreign partners we contribute to the development of methodology to create a higher level systematic reviews – Mixed SR and Umbrella SR.
  • What is a systematic review?
    • It is a thorough systematic review (SR) with meta-analysis (in quantitative research) of meta-synthesis (in qualitative research).
    • In order to achieve the highest levels of evidence, available information from so-called “grey literature” are also included.
  • What are systematic reviews used for?
    • enhance - validity, reliability and exactness of research results is a particular area
    • eliminate errors – in terms of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)
    • offer scientific evidence
    • in the context of Evidence-Based Healthcare (EBHC), they rank among the most valuable scientific evidence
  • How are systematic reviews created?
    • first we prepare the title, protocol and abstract of a future systematic review
    • we send it to the JBI Centre in Adelaide for review and approval of the systematic review
    • we prepare systematic review reviewed by the JBI Centre once again and approved
    • systematic review is published
  • Why do we use a protocol?
    • the structure conforms to JBI methodology for creating a systematic reviews with meta-analysis or meta-synthesis
    • enables the systematic review to be repeated in a given area
    • it is a part of the JBI software